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The Church of Flying Starman now ranked on Google Search

Our site/Church now shows up under Google Search!

Believers rush to buy Starman’s Hot Wheels Red Chariot



The red Hot Wheels Tesla Roadster sold for $1.09 when it hit toy stores in 2016 and was selling between $5 and $15 on eBay as recently last month. Now, less than week after the launch, it is commanding as much as $100, with newer listings asking $150 or more.

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Simpsons Predicts the Arrival of our Starman

These Simpsons predictions are getting out of hand.

Starman’s Last Photo

Our god Starman was last seen on Wednesday, February 7, 2018

We wish him best of luck in his travels



Source: Elon Musk shares last picture of SpaceX’s Starman