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Starman exceeds Tesla warranty just a smidge

Starman is somewhere just beyond the orbit of Mars, about 226,563,000 miles from Earth in an elliptical orbit around the Sun, which it is racing towards at nearly 10,000 mph, according to which tracks Starman’s location.

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New Web Site

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Hot Wheels toy features SpaceX spacesuited driver

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New Starman Comic Book Series

Eli Burton is the President and Founder of My Tesla Adventure, a California-based Tesla Owners Club. The club’s mission is to bring together Tesla owners to embark on fun adventures, make great memories, and form lasting friendships. Eli is also a long-time space enthusiast, amateur rocket maker, SpaceX fan, and creator of an exciting new comic book series, The Adventures of Starman.


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Starman and Tesla Roadster Have Shot Past Mars, SpaceX Says

SpaceX’s Starman and cherry red Tesla Roadster have traveled beyond Mars. SpaceX shared a diagram of the car once driven by the aerospace manufacturer’s CEO Elon Musk indicating it has now reached beyond the Red Planet.

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The red electric car and its spacesuit-clad mannequin driver, which launched on the maiden mission of SpaceX’s huge Falcon Heavy rocket in February, have made it beyond the orbit of Mars, company representatives said Friday night (Nov. 2).

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Tesla Roadster “Starman” Toy Launched By Hot Wheels

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Hot Wheels launched an updated version of their ’08 Tesla Roadster miniature toy. This newest version is based off Elon Musk’s personal Roadster that was launched into space earlier this year by SpaceX. Adhered to the Roadster’s dashboard was the original 1:64 Hot Wheels Tesla Roadster. Good cross promotion on the part of Tesla, SpaceX and Hot Wheels!

The newest version is available with updated packaging and paint color to match Elon’s Roadster. Sadly, there is no 1:64 “Starman” in the drivers seat. Nor is the model strapped to a 1:64 scale model of the falcon heavy. Most distressing, there is not a 1:4096 miniature of the 1:64 miniature Roadster on the dash.

Here’s A Tesla Space Shooter Where Jeff Bezos Is The Final Boss

The game was created by the folks over at AutoWise, and you can play it over on their website. It’s titled Starman – which is what Tesla called the project as a homage to David Bowie’s classic song.

Musk jokes: Starman Could Be Brought Back to Eart


Hah hah hah seriously, Starman will return when HE wants to.

Starman’s chariot going where no chariot has gone before

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According to Jonathan McDowell, an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, the roadster will cross Mars’ orbit in July.

New Amazing Video of Starman’s Journey